I have been a board-certified cancer specialist practicing radiation oncology for 32 years as of July 1st, 2019. I am the youngest of three children and have two older sisters, Kathy Williams and Denise Bourg. As a cancer doctor, I know firsthand that cancer can indiscriminately affect anyone at any time. In December of 2016, cancer hit home for our family when my sister, Kathy Williams, was diagnosed with stage III, triple-negative breast cancer (a particularly virulent type). Kathy bravely accepted her diagnosis and steadfastly endured nearly six months of very intensive chemotherapy, followed by double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. She then worked hard at physically and mentally recovering from all of her treatments.  I am pleased to report that she has been in a complete remission and cancer-free since late summer 2017.

For as long as I can remember, Kathy and I have shared a love for any story that involves time travel. Two years after her diagnosis of breast cancer, in early December 2018, I read the story of the Phantom Fortress and became inspired to write this book based on time travel. I actually started writing on January 14th of this year; many days later, I realized that I had started writing on Kathy’s birthday. Therefore, it is only fitting and right that I dedicate this book to my sister Kathy Williams, who has been—and will continue to be—an inspiration to us all.