Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.A happy go-lucky crowd of teenagers, who give each other goofy nicknames and dream up adventures, live in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the former home of the Manhattan Project, which was America’s top-secret effort during World War II to develop an atom bomb before the German Nazis did.

In this novel for young adults,  two members of the “Bad Love Gang” slide down a ravine, find a tunnel, and discover the headquarters of another project that was even more hush-hush than the Manhattan Project.  It was an ultra-secret effort to build a time machine that might change history in the event an atomic bomb couldn’t do the job.

The boys—most of them absolute geniuses in various fields—soon figure out the machine’s purpose and decide to go back in time and rescue some Jews and Gypsies before they are murdered at the Chelmo concentration camp, which the Nazis had erected in Poland.

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Donald H. Harrison

San Diego Jewish Times

February 9, 2020


I really enjoyed Kevin Schewe's book, and look forward to the sequels. It is obvious that this book was written by a World War II history buff.

The book starts with action in 1942, talking about the actual Manhattan Project and getting into the (probably) fictional 'White Hole Project' based on information from Einstein (who knows, perhaps there is a time travel project buried both underground and in presidential records). The project is shut down shortly after the success of the Manhattan Project, but little is known about why it was shut down, at least until later in the book.

A fairly respectable teen motorcycle group discovers, totally by accident, the abandoned 'White Hole Project', and figure out that it was a secret time travel project, closed down after WW2 because it apparently failed, but they found out it works, go back in time with the goal of rescuing some people who would otherwise die in gas chambers.

It has some historical context, of course, but in spite of history, was an enjoyable read. (I sometimes have problems with fiction that is too historical). I might add that I am not a scholar of history, but after reading this book, I feel that my knowledge of history has increased slightly.

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John Around the Corner Reviews

December 9, 2019



A fun, musical reading adventure filled with historical facts and Sci-Fi thrills!

Bad  Love Strikes was a really fun read, and a thoroughly enjoyable book.  Author Kevin Schewe has taken a dark time in history, namely the  Holocaust and creation of the Atomic Bomb, and buffered it with a gaggle  of teens who offer us hope, friendship, and ultimately, a whole lot of  fun.

 Making this book  even more fun are the links to songs to listen to as you read,  especially as the gang is flying through the skies on their adventure in  the plane.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, young and  old. You don’t have to be a science fiction fan or a historical fiction  fan to enjoy this read. This book will transport you not only through  time, but out of your real life and into a world where hope rules,  adventure is at hand, and music paves the way. Highly Recommended.  

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Pamela Gossiaux

November 4, 2019


It is a rare occasion to come across a book as ambitious, well-researched and, ultimately, as rewarding as “Bad Love Strikes” by Dr. Kevin L. Schewe. This debut novel is a true treasure trove: a mix of historical fiction, sci-fi, heroism and nostalgia that comes complete with its own playlist. The novel tells the story of a group of young people, “The Bad Love Gang,” who, in 1974, come across a time machine portal hidden in a wooded section of Tennessee. It allows them to travel some 30 years back in time to rescue Jews and Gypsies from a Nazi concentration camp in Poland. It’s a sweeping adventure story that is relentless in its historical accuracy and narrative fantasy that you’ll fall in love with from start to finish.

This is the fictitious story of a top-secret government plan to create a time travel machine to be used in case Nazi Germany succeeded in beating the United States in the creation of an atomic nuclear bomb. Though fully equipped and functional, the time machine is never used, only to be discovered by members of “The Bad Love Gang” during an afternoon of motor biking in a wooded area.

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John J. Kelly

October 29, 2019


 This is a great book for science fiction fans! We go back in time, with  this exciting story that is filled with historical details as well as  adventure. BB or “Bubble Butt” is the mastermind of what he calls the  Bad Love Gang in the book. What he is really doing is taking us on a  rollercoaster ride through time. We see things from present-day as well  as moments in the WWII era. It’s a fun book that takes us through crazy  teenage relationships that are one of a kind. The book itself is a gem  and it’s filled with quotes, a B-17 Flying Fortress airplane as well but  the best part of the novel is the fact that there is a playlist that  comes with it. 

As we are taken through the story, we can listen  along to the playlist that author, Kevin Schewe MD provided for his  fans. It’s a great way to sit back, relax and really get into the story.  It’s a unique and fun way for fans to truly connect with the book  experience. You might even want to add some of the songs to your  personal playlist.  

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Kimberly Love

October 23, 201


This book is not only a wonderfully exciting science fiction story, it is an experience, which takes you back in time, with adventure, historically accurate facts, and probably most uniquely by the author suggesting sound tracks to listen to whilst reading it.

This project steeped in secrecy, is lost in time, lying quietly dormant, that is until one of the Bad Love Gangs summer jaunts leads them to discover it. The discovery and their resulting actions unleash a chain of events which changes them, and the lives of others in ways they could never have imagined.

The Bad Love Gang is the author’s debut novel, it has an amazing storyline, which really draws the reader in, and listening to the sounds tracks suggested is something which I highly recommend. A real gem which stands out as a shining example of excellent storytelling. I look really look forward to their next adventure.

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Susan Keefe

October 15, 2019


BAD LOVE STRIKES is Kevin’s debut novel, and after experiencing this multifaceted book it seems obvious that he will become a significant figure in the literary field. Not only is this a compelling story, but Kevin enhances the tale by supplying access to a 21-song soundtrack with songs that accompany the spirit of the story, and allow the reader to become ‘an honorary member of the Bad Love Gang!’ ‘BAD LOVE STRIKES will make you feel like a teenager again and will transport you back to 1974 and 1944.’ That is the quality of caring communication that makes this book so unique – and successful.

Skillful writing (both historical and fantastical), a zesty sense of humor, an appreciation for pop culture, and the ability to create memorably entertaining characters combine to make this an immensely impressive novel- and experience! Very highly recommended.

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Grady Harp

San Francisco Review of Books

October 15, 2019


An absorbing and engaging book that intertwines one of the darkest times in history with hope, ingenuity, action, adventure and comedy. Parts of the book took me back to earlier times when

my life and dreams were encapsulated by my next meal, what’s on the T.V., and listening to the great music of the 60’s and 70’s. However, I could relate with the quest to right some wrongs, search for purpose and strive for greater things beyond my vision.

As a practicing radiation oncologist who has dealt firsthand with the recondite world of nuclear physics and its effects and interactions with everyday life, I found it fascinating and enthralling. In trying to apply these concepts to reverse the course of past human atrocities, the book appeals to all ages because of its wit and the fantasy world that you become part of. Dr. Schewe weaves

together these difficult concepts with brilliance and humor. A remembrance of our thirst for experience, intrigue and mystery. A perfect storm that merges fantasy with reality, innocence with sophistication, permanence with hopes to correct tragedies of the past with inventiveness, creativeness and the dreams of a brighter future.

David A. Holladay, M.D.

July 21, 2019


When Bad Love Strikes, Good Love Follows:

Tweens/ Teens/ Adults will travel, discover, sing, laugh, and cry when

experiencing a historic time travel mission with the Bad Love Gang (BLG).

You won’t have to understand time travel or Einstein’s Theory of relativity

because the author’s imagination fills in details of this tale. If you do understand

the Theory, you’re going to enjoy the trip!

Having science and history woven into a novel makes for fun reading. The historical fiction in this novel is intriguing and sparks interest for further reading on the subject. (I think the mystery of the Ghost B-17G Phantom Fortress is enough to loosen up the bindings of any book club!)

The heart-wrenching chapters about the Holocaust are presented in a style that teaches and inspires learning from history, with a desire to prevent this from ever happening again.

Music, laughter, and sadness are sprinkled throughout the novel making it a fast-paced adventure. Team-building, friendship, and hope are ageless, and so is this well-crafted voyage into the time-space continuum! I am ready for the next adventure.

Marlene Grippa

July 17, 2019


My goodness!  I so thoroughly enjoyed it. My feelings:  Oh yes, it drew me in. It made me feel good, laugh and even cry a bit at the end. You must have researched it extensively. The details: WOW! The group goes from being just normal neighborhood kids to adults with an amazing mission. Visions of "Stand By Me" & "Mission Impossible" came to mind.  One of the German soldiers reminded me of Colonel Klink. 

Thoughts of James Garner, James Coburn, Steve McQueen & Bronson. I could actually see BB in the cockpit with head phones, smiling, and playing music. (I loved all the music). I certainly hope this gets published as I would recommend it. The book was exciting and I couldn't stop reading it.

Thanks for the opportunity to read this.  It was great!

Nancy Galloway

July 7, 2019


I would call your work 'unique' to say the least. The whole idea of a bunch of teenagers firing up a time travel machine from the WWII era is in itself amazing. Add to that, their plan of going back 30 years to 1944 in order to save potential victims of the Holocaust, and you have the ingredients of a very compelling story.

You are a great storyteller and your book reflects that. Your vivid imagination is key. I read your book over a 3 day period and found myself very entertained. One thing I require in a Historical Fiction book is that the history is valid and well defined. You certainly stand out in this category. In fact I went to the history sites on the internet a couple of times to verify your information and even study a bit deeper.

I didn't know how I was going to handle the 'fantasy' part of the story but actually enjoyed it as well.

The human interest of your work was also well written and defined. Your wit is unsurpassed and I found myself laughing several times.

Raymond Mullen

June 2, 2019