Bad Love Strikes

In October 1939, Albert Einstein has a letter delivered directly to President Franklin D. Roosevelt warning him that Nazi Germany is actively pursuing an atomic bomb and urges him to make sure that the United States develops the bomb first. Roosevelt heeds the warning, and in June 1942 launches an all-out effort, code named the Manhattan Project, to build the world’s first atomic bomb—no matter what the cost.

In October 1942, Roosevelt summons Einstein to the White House and tells Einstein that prudence calls for the U.S. to have a backup plan to the Manhattan Project, in case Hitler gets the bomb first. Roosevelt commissions Einstein to secretly construct a usable time travel machine, code named the White Hole Project, under cover of the Manhattan Project construction in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Roosevelt, convinced that time travel is far more dangerous than atomic weaponry, will only use it to stop the Nazi’s world domination agenda, if Hitler gets the bomb first. The existence of the White Hole Project, known only by a few souls, goes to the grave with Roosevelt in secrecy in early 1945.

In June 1974, an adventurous group of teenage friends calling themselves the Bad Love Gang discover a tunnel leading to the White Hole Project. They learn how to use the time machine, and become the first known humans to travel back in time and return. Their mission is to save Jews and Gypsies from the Holocaust on a specific day in November 1944, using a famous U.S. Air Force B-17 bomber that became known as The Phantom Fortress. ©

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