Recommended Action For All You Time Travelers Out There!

In order to get the full sensory effect of traveling through time with the Bad Love Gang, I highly recommend that you download the 21-song sound track listed on page seven using your iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, or Amazon Prime account. Alternatively, you could use YouTube to play each song as you are reading. As each song is introduced throughout the novel, take the time (no pun intended!) to listen to the music and enjoy the full effect of being an honorary member of the Bad Love Gang. This recommended action will be especially enjoyable during Chapter Fifteen, The Fun Part of the Flight: each Bad Love Gang time traveler has their favorite “road song” played while the group travels into danger aboard the B-17G Flying Fortress carrying the moniker Bad Love. Do not be shy or afraid to break out and dance, or simply tap your feet as the music moves you!

Bad Love Strikes will make you feel like a teenager again and transport you back to 1974 and 1944 as you learn about time travel, the origins of Area 51, the discovery of exotic matter, the Manhattan Project to build the world’s first atomic bomb, the air war over Europe in WWII, and the Holocaust that started in Chelmno, Poland at the very time of President Roosevelt’s famous Day of Infamy speech, launching America into WWII. Happy reading, and remember:  

“Live dangerously, have fun, don’t die!”

Sincerely yours,

Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO 

Don't forget the soundtrack!

21 toe-tapping tunes that compliment and enhance your journey with the Bad Love Gang.